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Welcome to an Nepal based information technology company where honest and open research on online experts is speaking to itself. We provide a close, enthusiastic & tailor made service for each and every one of our customers, large or small. Our head office is located in Bhaktapur, the state of natural beauty. We firmly believe that “one size fits all”, results in Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Social networking or content promotion has no rationality. Navyakrita is creative and always predicts consumer and web browser expectations.

Why Trust Us?

The field of digital marketing is getting overwhelming, and you have to find a company with such a proven record which is both credible and straightforward. Navyakrita Solutions is the alliance selected for a vast number of leading brands.

We also represented all sorts of sectors with such a class-leading industrial consumer satisfaction rate and we think this is based on the fact that we cannot rely on specific plans or goods more than we do solutions customized to the needs and desires of the clients.

Our Core Principles

  • The interests of our clients do come first
  • Finding innovative yet practical solutions which is unprecedented
  • There is no room for mistakes in what we are doing
  • Remain ahead in the game by investigating and reviewing
  • Only use the best available software
  • Build in-house apps and stay ahead of our competition